4 Important Facts to Know about Prenups

June 30, 2015

Prenups can make people very uncomfortable, especially when a couple may not be at ease discussing finances. Although prenups have gotten a bad rep, they can be very useful even if a couple stays together (i.e., never separates or goes through a divorce). To highlight some of the benefits of (and other important info about)…Read More

How to File for an Annulment in Colorado: An Overview

June 24, 2015

In light of our last blog regarding grounds for annulments in Colorado, now is a good time to provide an overview of how the annulment process occurs. This process, which is also referred to as seeking an declaration of invalidity, can only be pursued by those who were married in Colorado or who have resided…Read More

Grounds for Annulments in Colorado

June 16, 2015

Like divorce, an annulment can put an end to a marriage in Colorado. However, unlike divorce, annulments effectively render a marriage invalid, meaning that, in the eyes of the law, the marriage never existed in the first place. Although annulments won’t be an option for every couple, they can be requested when certain circumstances apply…Read More

What Are the Enforcement Remedies for Non-Payment of Child Support?

June 8, 2015

When the court issues an order for child support, one parent is typically legally obligated to pay the other parent some sum of money on a monthly basis in order to financially support the child in question. Unfortunately, however, parents do not always live up to these court orders, with some defaulting on their child…Read More