4 Things that Can Increase the Cost of Your Divorce

August 31, 2015

Divorce can be as emotionally taxing as it is financially exacting. While the costs of divorce vary from case to case and state to state, in general, there are certain things that tend to increase divorce costs, regardless of where divorce is being pursued and the specific issues in a given case. Below, we’ll point out…Read More

3 Ways Dating During Divorce Can Backfire

August 24, 2015

When a marriage ends, getting out and dating can be one way for people to try to move on emotionally and/or find support as they proceed with a divorce. Dating in divorce, however, can present some significant complications when it comes to the legal process of dissolving the marriage, and we’ll take a closer look…Read More

3 Potential Perils of Social Media in Divorce

August 16, 2015

Using social media can keep people connected and informed. It can also end up being problematic, however, if people are involved in divorce cases. We’ll explain how and why below. In Divorce, Social Media Use Can… Impact property division issues – The pictures and comments posted on social media can be used to establish what…Read More

4 Steps to Moving Minor Children after Divorce

August 8, 2015

When a divorce involves minor children, part of the final divorce decree (or settlement) will likely dictate the terms of custody, which is based on (among other things) the location of the parents. Because the circumstances of life regularly change, however, it may be necessary to move minor children following divorce. In these cases, when…Read More