Using social media can keep people connected and informed. It can also end up being problematic, however, if people are involved in divorce cases. We’ll explain how and why below.

In Divorce, Social Media Use Can…

  1. Did you realize that using social media during divorce can hurt your case? Here’s how, a Front Range & Colorado Springs divorce lawyer explains.

    Did you realize that using social media during divorce can hurt your case? Here’s how, a Front Range & Colorado Springs divorce lawyer explains.

    Impact property division issues – The pictures and comments posted on social media can be used to establish what assets a couple has and possibly even when they were acquired. While this can be important when there may be disputes regarding what is marital versus separate property, it may create bigger problems if allegations regarding hidden assets in divorce arise.

  2. Affect custody decisions – Divorce can be frustrating, upsetting and very stressful. Given that people often look to social media to share their feelings and possibly even get support, it’s not uncommon for people to also want to vent their frustrations – maybe going to so far as to trash an ex online.

    In these situations, negative posts about an ex can be used in court against someone (as it can be argued, for instance, that the poster has no intention of promoting a healthy relationship between the child and the other parent). Ultimately, this can mean that court rules against the poster when it comes to parenting time decisions.

  3. Increase the overall costs of divorce – Is one partner in a divorce dating someone new, going on vacations or doing other things that are being shared on social media? Posts to this end can also complicate a divorce case, as it can embitter the other party, making him or her far less willing to compromise on some of the issues of the divorce. When this happens, the costs of divorce can start snowballing.

How to Avoid the Perils of Social Media in Divorce

  • Do post any comments related to the case or an ex in social media.
  • Change your passwords and privacy settings so an ex has limited (if any) access to your account.
  • Follow all directions and advice your lawyer provides you with, and ask questions if you are unsure about anything.

The bottom line is that you don’t want to do anything that could sabotage a favorable outcome to your divorce. So, consider limiting your social media use while you focus getting through divorce.

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