When a marriage ends, getting out and dating can be one way for people to try to move on emotionally and/or find support as they proceed with a divorce.

Dating in divorce, however, can present some significant complications when it comes to the legal process of dissolving the marriage, and we’ll take a closer look at these possible challenges below.

Dating in Divorce Can Affect…

  1. Dating in divorce can end up complicating a case, increasing its duration and costs, a Colorado Springs divorce attorney explains. Here’s why.

    Dating in divorce can end up complicating a case, increasing its duration and costs, a Colorado Springs divorce attorney explains. Here’s why.

    Support payment awards – If you were the lower earning spouse and will be requesting spousal support, dating in divorce can end up reducing the payments awarded or possibly even preclude you from getting the award altogether.

    This is because it may be possible to argue that a new partner is providing the financial support you need, so your former partner is only minimally on the hook (or off the hook entirely). If the new relationship is not so solid, this can mean that you have possibly gambled future support payments on a new partner who may or may not be there months or years down the line.

  2. Custody/parenting time rulings – If minor children are involved in a divorce, then dating can also present problems when it comes to parenting time decisions, especially if the new partner will prominently be in the child’s life, the new partner has a history of addiction/criminal issues, etc.

    Again, this can end up meaning that time with children may be compromised by a gamble on a new relationship and that it may be wiser to put dating off until after divorce has been finalized to avoid this challenge.

  3. How long it takes to resolve the divorce – Dating in divorce can also end up impacting how willing an ex is to compromise with you on the issues of your divorce. In fact, in some cases, dating can embitter an ex (even one who may have seemed fine with the divorce and your new relationship before). Ultimately, this can mean that it takes much longer – and much more money – to resolve the divorce.

The Bottom Line on Dating in Divorce: Wait If You Can

With dating in divorce, the bottom line is that emotional support you may gain from it may not be worth the additional stress, headaches and costs that can come with it if and when dating in divorce creates bitterness and problems with an ex.

If possible, it’s typically advisable to avoid doing anything that could complicate your divorce if you are focused on getting through this process as favorably and efficiently as possible. So try to wait until after your divorce is finalized before starting to date.

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