Divorce can be as emotionally taxing as it is financially exacting. While the costs of divorce vary from case to case and state to state, in general, there are certain things that tend to increase divorce costs, regardless of where divorce is being pursued and the specific issues in a given case.

Below, we’ll point out some of the main factors that commonly increase divorce costs.

Divorce Costs Tend to Increase with…

  1. Although these things can increase the cost of divorce, there may be steps you can take now to reduce your divorce costs, a Colorado Springs divorce lawyer explains.

    Although these things can increase the cost of divorce, there may be steps you can take now to reduce your divorce costs, a Colorado Springs divorce lawyer explains.

    A lack of planning upfront – Believe it or not, the steps you take before you file for divorce can end up saving you some money in the divorce case down the line. This is because, with the right divorce planning (which can be devised with the help of an experienced attorney), people can start to get a handle on the scope of their marital assets, as well as the things that will be issues in their divorce; this, in turn, can assist in preparing to effectively resolve these issues.

    Without planning, it can take a lot more work after a divorce case has been filed to pinpoint these items/issues. And, in divorce, more time and work usually translates to higher costs.

  2. Refusals to compromise – When divorcing parties are unable to agree on a significant number of the issues in their divorce (or anything at all), the costs of divorce will again tend to increase. This is because, among other things, each issue will have to be addressed and overcome, drawing out how long it takes to resolve the case as a whole.

    In contrast, when most of the issues of a divorce can be agreed upon by a couple, the case will proceed far faster, which ultimately means it will probably cost far less to resolve.

  3. Hidden assets – Sometimes, people going through a divorce can feel as though they are entitled to certain marital assets because, for instance, their partner cheated, they bought or cared for the asset in the marriage, etc.

    This sense of entitlement can lead to the mistake of trying to hide assets in divorce, and when this happens, the costs of a divorce case can again increase. This is generally due to the facts that investigations may be needed to identify/track down the assets, hidden assets can void a divorce settlement (necessitating that a divorce case be reopened), etc.

  4. Not retaining a lawyer – Although hiring a divorce lawyer does come with some upfront costs, in the long run, it can also be essential to keeping the overall cost of a divorce case down, as an attorney can help you protect your interests, maintain a clear head as you proceed through divorce and ultimately help you fight to get the best possible outcomes to your case.

    Without a lawyer on your side, the emotional and financial costs of divorce can climb, and it’s far more likely that you may end up losing out on some important issues in your case – like support payments or custody.

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