Parenting Time

Parenting time refers to the time that a parent has physical custody of a child. While some parents may be able to work out reasonable agreements regarding how parenting time will be divided between them, in other cases, parenting time can be a highly debated topic that the court needs to step in to resolve.

At Wheelock Law, P.C., our Colorado Springs child custody attorney is skilled at effectively representing people involved in parenting time disputes. Whether you need aggressive representation in mediation or court, you can count on our lawyer to help you favorably resolve your parenting time issues so that you can focus on what matters more – spending time with your child.

How Parenting Time Is Decided by the Family Court

When parents cannot agree on the allocation of parenting time, the court will step in to decide these matters. Contact us for the best representation in these cases.

When parents cannot agree on the allocation of parenting time, the court will step in to decide these matters. Contact us for the best representation in these cases.

When the family court has to rule on parenting time disputes, the main goal of the court will be to make a decision that promotes the best interests of a child. To better decipher what the best interests of a child may be, the court will typically consider the following when making rulings regarding parenting time:

  • The child’s wishes regarding parenting time (just so long as the child is mature enough to explain them)
  • The parents’ wishes regarding parenting time
  • The relationship the child has with each parent
  • Whether the child will need to adjust to a new community with one parent
  • The mental and physical health of each parent
  • Whether either parent has a history of addiction, abuse, domestic violence or other behavior that may be harmful to a child
  • Whether one or both parents are likely to foster an ongoing, loving relationship with the other parent.

Parenting Time versus Decision-Making Responsibilities

Parents involved in parenting time disputes should be aware of the fact that there is a distinction between parenting time and the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of a child. In fact, while parenting time pertains to the physical custody of a child, the decision-making responsibilities refer to the right to make decisions regarding a child’s religion, healthcare, education and other major aspects of his or her life.

Although parenting time and decision-making responsibilities often go hand-in-hand, the court can decide how to allocate them in any way it sees fit. For instance, while a parent may be granted parenting time, (s)he may not be granted decision-making responsibilities in cases when (s)he has serious addition issues.

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