Adopting a child can be a rewarding experience for an entire family. However, the legal process associated with adoption can be a challenge to get through. From the initial application to background checks and interviews, there is a lot involved in the process of adopting a child, and having an experienced attorney on your side to you guide you through these processes can be critical to simplifying it so you can start focusing on what matters more – welcoming your newly adopted child into your home and family.

At Wheelock Law, P.C., our Colorado Springs adoption attorney has extensive experience representing people who want to adopt children. When you want to ensure that your Colorado adoption proceeds as smoothly as possible, you can turn to our lawyer, who has the skills, legal knowledge and dedication necessary to oversee successful adoptions in Colorado.

Colorado Adoptions: How Our Colorado Springs Adoption Attorney Can Help You

Although Colorado adoption can be complicated, you can turn to our Front Range and Colorado Springs adoption attorney for help simplifying and getting through the process.

Although Colorado adoption can be complicated, you can turn to our Colorado Springs adoption attorney for help simplifying and getting through the process.

How an adoption will proceed typically depends on a number of different factors, such as the age and origin of the child being adopted. At Wheelock Law, P.C., some of the various types of adoptions cases that we are experienced at handling include (but are not strictly limited to) those that involve:

  • Newborn and infant adoptions
  • Stepparent and kinship adoptions
  • Adoptions for nontraditional family units (like for same sex couples)
  • Private adoptions that involve the birth mother
  • Agency-assisted adoptions of minor children (i.e., children younger than 18 years old)
  • Adoptions from foreign countries (i.e., international adoptions)
  • Open and closed adoptions.

When you entrust our Colorado Springs adoption attorney to oversee your adoption, you can be confident that our lawyer will:

  • Inform you about whether you qualify to adopt a child (In Colorado, you must be at least 21 years old to adopt, and you must not have a criminal record that includes convictions for crimes against children, crimes against a partner and/or any violent criminal offense.)
  • Thoroughly explain the process so that you know what to expect
  • Help you prepare for all aspects of the adoption application process, including the background check, training, caseworker assessment, etc.
  • Keep you informed about the progress of your case
  • Help you minimize possible complications in your adoption

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Are you getting ready to adopt a child? If so, the Colorado Springs adoption attorney at Wheelock Law, P.C. is here to help you. Dedicated, skilled and trusted, our lawyer will always advocate your rights and interests while helping you navigate the complexities of the adoption process.

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