While the end of a marriage can be a hard reality to face, the ensuing legal process of divorce can be far more difficult. This is especially true when exes may not be on good terms or when one person may be very bitter about the divorce. However, it’s also possible that even the friendliest couples and seemingly amiable divorce cases can quickly sour and become contentious when matters regarding the children and the marital assets are brought to the forefront.

At Wheelock Law, P.C., our trusted Colorado Springs divorce attorney is experienced at helping people successfully navigate the legal process of divorce. While our lawyer will always aggressively represent our clients’ rights and best interests in court, he will also provide them with personalized attention, regular case updates and the highest quality legal services outside the courtroom.

Colorado Divorce Laws

Our Front Range and Colorado Springs divorce attorney is experienced at helping people successfully get through the divorce process so they can move on with their lives.

Our Colorado Springs divorce attorney is experienced at helping people successfully get through the divorce process so they can move on with their lives.

Here are some of the important highlights you may want to know about Colorado divorce laws if you are considering filing for divorce:

  • Eligibility requirements – In order to file for divorce in Colorado, you or your spouse has to have lived in Colorado for a minimum of 90 days. Once this residency requirement has been satisfied, you can file for divorce in the county in which you reside. After filing for divorce, there will be a waiting period of at least 90 days before your divorce is granted.
  • Grounds for divorce in Colorado – The only grounds for filing for divorce in Colorado is the “irretrievable breakdown” of a marriage. This basically means that:
    • People don’t have to prove “fault” regarding why the marriage ended.
    • The facts that a couple can’t get along and that there is no hope of reconciliation are sufficient grounds for divorce in Colorado.
  • The court’s role in Colorado divorce – When divorcing people can come to an agreement regarding the major issues of their divorce, the court will generally have minimal involvement in the divorce process. However, if people are not able to agree on any aspects of the divorce, then the courts will usually step in to make rulings on these matters.

Our Divorce Practice: How Our Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney Can Help You

At Wheelock Law, P.C., our Colorado Springs divorce attorney is experienced at overseeing various types of divorce cases, including (but not strictly limited to) those involving:

  • High net-worth couples
  • Couples with and without children
  • Couples with significant marital debt
  • Military couples
  • Allegations of domestic violence and/or child abuse.

Some of the ways in which our lawyer can facilitate your divorce include by:

  • Aggressively representing you in divorce mediation proceedings and/or in court
  • Helping you develop favorable marital settlement agreements
  • Helping you work out the best outcome to your divorce so your can move on with your life and start focusing on the future.

Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney at Wheelock Law, P.C.

Will you be filing for divorce soon? If so, you can turn to the Colorado Springs divorce attorney at Wheelock Law, P.C. for superior legal representation and experienced help. Dedicated, skilled and trusted, our lawyer will fight for you and will always advocate your rights and interests in any legal setting.  As a former judge and a certified mediator, our Colorado Springs divorce attorney has the experience, skills and legal knowledge you can rely on to help you resolve your divorce as favorably as possible.

In fact, when you entrust your important family law matters to Wheelock Law, P.C., you can be confident that you have a tough litigator on your side who will work diligently and tirelessly to help you obtain the best possible resolution to your case.

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