An experienced Colorado Springs divorce lawyer reveals what you should know about filing for divorce first in Colorado. Contact us for the best CO divorce representation.

An experienced Colorado Springs divorce lawyer reveals what you should know about filing for divorce first in Colorado. Contact us for the best CO divorce representation.

Possibly – it can matter in some cases who files for divorce first, depending on a given situation and a person’s needs. In fact, if you will need any of the following emergency orders issued upon filing for divorce, filing first can be beneficial:

If, however, no emergency orders will be needed upon submitting a divorce petition to the court, there is generally not an advantage to filing first. However, there are some things you should know if you are debating whether to beat your ex to punch and file your divorce petition first.

Filing for Divorce First: Here’s What You Should Know

  • Filing fees are higher for those who file first, rather than for those answering or responding to a divorce petition – In fact, while the court fees for filing an initial divorce petition are $230, they are only $116 to file a response.
  • There can be more preparation work for filing first – This is because the person who files first will have to prepare all of the documents regarding the marital assets, debts, children and other issues pertaining to the divorce. In contrast, the respondent generally has less preparation work, only having to provide documents supporting his or her points of contention with the initial petition.
  • Filing first can help you push the case forward – This can be an important point for people who are dealing with exes that are dragging their feet or delaying the divorce case. This is because, once divorce papers have been filed and exes have been served with them, these parties will typically only have 21 days to submit their response to the court (otherwise, they run the risk of losing the opportunity to respond, which means that the petitioner will likely get everything (s)he is asking for out of the divorce).

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